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FIE - Federazione Italiana Escursionismo Sentiero del Mediterraneo E12 ERA - Eurorando FIE - Federazione Italiana Escursionismo - CAMPANIA
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Before facing a hike, it is important to check the level of difficulty and compare their state of preparedness and physical health. Although establish a scale of difficulty with objective criteria is virtually impossible because everyone perceives fatigue differently based on their experience and their skills, tabs indicates a difficulty level according to scale nationally recognized which takes into account parameters defined as the difference in height, the type of route and the distance.

T - Tourist – easy: Excursion undemanding, to everyone. And’ not along a route on streets or wide paths always obvious and reported that requires no sense of direction. Never touches high altitudes and the gradients are usually less than 500 meters. Requires a normal physical condition to walk.

And – Hiking: It requires a certain training for the length of the path and / or height differences to be overcome which are normally higher than 500m. And’ a route that winds along paths of all kinds almost always reported or with traces. Does not present normally exposed sections or shorter passages or crossings on steep slopes protected with barriers or cables. It needs a good workout at walk and footwear, clothing and appropriate equipment.

IN – Excursion for Experts: Challenging, requires good training and aptitude to overcome stretches of trail exposed. And’ a route for the length and type of soil implies good ability to approach to the various types of surface and excellent physical shape. Winds on paths or tracks over rough terrain and / or untrustworthy; normally also reaches high altitudes and can cross stony, Short steep snowfields not, slopes without reference points and rocky areas with levels of technical difficulties. It needs good experience mountain and the mountain environment, sure-footedness and a head for heights, as well as the proper equipment and knowledge of technical guidance. The height difference can overcome even the 1000 meters.

EEA – Hiking for experts with equipment: very challenging, to deal with specific equipment. And’ a route that winds on guided trails or climbing routes on which it is essential to the use of sling, carabiners etc… And’ also the case of paths of difficulty EE which is essential to establish fixed ropes to cross small stretches of snowfield not flat or short stretches of exposed rock.

EEI - Hike on trails deep snow, characterized by an increased energy expenditure and sometimes by particular adverse weather conditions. Are needed snowshoes and sticks with washers snow as well as specific clothing hot, waterproof and breathable.

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