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FIE - Federazione Italiana Escursionismo Sentiero del Mediterraneo E12 ERA - Eurorando FIE - Federazione Italiana Escursionismo - CAMPANIA
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The G.E.T.Gruppo Andscursionistico Tstretching CULTNATURA headquartered in Rofrano (Salerno), one of 80 The Park National Park Cilento and Vallo di Diano.

The founding date of the G.E.T. CULTNATURA is 8 September 1998. The foundation of G.E.T. is the culmination of a process initiated by 1996, when most of the founding members decided to make available to the territory the experience gained during the implementation of another program on the promotion of high valley Mingardo, where the same is located Rofrano.

The group of founding members consisted of Angelo Avagliano, Stella Allocco, This Anna, Gianpiero Grippo, Pasquale Lettieri, Mimmo Pandolfo, Carlo Palumbo, Davide Pepe, Tonino Saggiomo, Luigi Scandizzo and lamented Maria Concetta Coming, recently and died prematurely.

The G.E.T. CULTNATURA is affiliated to the Italian Hiking Federation since its foundation, sharing the same objectives regarding the development of social and culture of respect for the environment that can be spread with hiking.

Lately, alongside the traditional activities such as hiking, canyoning and mountain-biking, some members of G.E.T. introduced climbing, in collaboration with the local Chamber of the Italian Alpine Club of Celle di Bulgheria (Salerno), since our area offers several walls of sound rock on which you can exercise this fascinating and exciting sport.

Annually G.E.T. publishes a calendar of activities with about 40 actions (from hiking in natural environments cultural visits to international trade with other Associations Nations European Union), offering several occasions to Members and supporters who want to share the pleasure of knowledge through the discovery of places real and intangible basins which houses different traditions and cultural heritages.

Anyone can become a member of G.E.T. CULTNATURA: is only required tolerance and desire to share the same experiences in the company with more friends. Simply sign the membership application and take with him the backpack and the minimum necessary to live a relaxing experience in natural environments or discovery of hidden corners of our country or to other destinations in the European Union Nations, our “common home”.

In conclusion .... The ascent to the top of a mountain always requires a tribute of energy: efforts and sustained effort are always rewarded by the suggestions, scents and landscapes that surround those, veteran or neophyte, also decide to spend a few hours in contact with nature.

From this simple consideration comes the sincere wish that we find ourselves more and more hiking trails, even occasionally to share with G.E.T.Group Hiking Trekking CULTNATURA the pleasure of life plein air and the desire to regenerate through the sharing of positive feelings that the natural environment can offer.

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