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(Archaeological area Osco-Lucan and visits to museums and historical center)

The trail offers the complete circumnavigation of Mount Capitenali at whose foot the city flourished Osco-Lucan called "Leo City" because of the lion's head that effigiava the coins found in the necropolis. It is an easy path, shaded by oak trees for long stretches. The starting-up area of ​​high Roccagloriosa taking the marked path to the right. The path without presenting significant differences in height arrives at the gates of the town of Castel Ruggero (originally a military town that bears the name of Roger II). Here you go left on dirt road and start your journey to the archaeological area. After about one km, turn left and after a short distance of approximately 150 meters aboard an olive grove is reached in the archaeological. Touching as the mighty Cyclopean masonry blocks perfectly squared that encircled the vast settlement and which are still ongoing phases of excavation. After crossing the archaeological area and visited the chamber tombs, take the path on the right. After about a mile you come back to Roccagloriosa for the visit of the museum and the Antiquarium. They are both small museums containing treasures of enormous, priceless (or, craters tarantini large, pottery and weapons).

Points of interest and environmental value:
Archaeological site - archaeological museums - Old Town.

Technical information of the path:

  • The type of route: AD ANELLO
  • Segnavia
  • Point of origin and destination: Roccagloriosa high - Piazza San Nicola
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Drop: + 0 - 50 mt
  • Lifespan: 2,5 hours + stops
  • Availability of water: In the country at the start
  • Difficulty level: T - Tourist – easy
  • Note the level of difficulty: In summer avoid the midday heat and sun protection.
    In rainy periods some sections of the trail are muddy.

Other useful information:

  • Need to wear comfortable clothing suitable to the period and sports shoes with rubber soles not smooth (preferably hiking)
  • Museums are not always open, must inquire and book a visit for time.

Download the data (pdf):

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