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FIE - Federazione Italiana Escursionismo Sentiero del Mediterraneo E12 ERA - Eurorando FIE - Federazione Italiana Escursionismo - CAMPANIA
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(Path of the Mediterranean coastline of the E12)

The route originates in the left near the cave of Lentiscelle, which hosted in the past a boat (the de leon Caprera) by which time came at the end of ocean crossings 1800. The path is immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation in the first section and after using a short stretch of asphalt road, take a dirt track that leads to the Cala del Pozzallo. After the small valley dry, after a short climb you get to Cala Bianca, dominated by the tower coastguard. Passed another valley-time, the trail climbs protected by the cool shade of the Mediterranean scrub and olive trees. Arrived on the hill the descent leading to the natural harbor of Infreschi. Characteristic feature of the small bay is the presence of fresh water that sversano at sea and the thick colonina Primrose palinuri, endemic become the symbol of PNCVD. The bay the small chapel of St. Lazarus, still half votive. The return can be done by boat in Marina di Camerota if agreed, or by using the same path.

Points of interest and environmental value:
Monte di Luna, Cala Pozzallo, Cala Bianca, Port Infreschi.

Technical information of the path:

  • The type of route: Round trip
  • Segnavia: WHITE RED (BE)
  • Point of origin and destination: Beach Lentiscelle (cemetery of Marina di Camerota)
  • Distance: 12 km A/R
  • Drop: + 0 - 170 mt
  • Lifespan: 5 hours + stops
  • Availability of water: In the country at the start
  • Difficulty level: E - Hiking
  • Note the level of difficulty: Path largely found, in summer avoid the midday heat and sun protection

Other useful information:

  • Need to wear comfortable clothing suitable to the period and sports shoes with rubber soles not smooth (preferably hiking)
  • In estate, do not forget your swimming costume and towel.
  • To schedule the return boat turn to various coop on the port of Marina di Camerota

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